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3. The Pilgrim Fathers / Life of the early settlers
2. The Translatlantic / Triangular Slave Trade („Der Dreieckshandel“)
4. The trouble begins - the way to the revolution
6. The Revolutionary War
7. The Declaration of Independence    
Vocabulary American Revolution
(explain and give examples for the different motives)
1. Why did people from Europe move to America?
(Who are the Pilgrims? Why did the leave England? Mayflower, Plimoth Plantation, the first year  in the „New World“, Thanksgiving, relationship to Indians)
(Why did the British introduce the Stamp Act? What was the Stamp Act,  What were the Townshend Acts and why did the English impose them on the colonists?  Boston Massacre (what happened? was it really a massacre?) --> Intolerable Acts  Boston Tea Party (what happened?) --> picture)  
  The first battle at Lexington and Concord - „Minutemen“ - Patriots and Loyalists - equipment of the   Continental Army - biography George Washington (chief commander of the Continental Army) -   the last battle at Yorktown --> results of the war  
(Why did the colonists in North America need slaves? Where did they come from?  picture „Trans-Atlantic slave trade“ (explanation) - how were the slaves brought to America?  slave markets in the „New World“ - life of the slaves on the plantations
  The Declaration of Independence (content) - biography Thomas Jefferson   famous places and things - Liberty Bell in Boston, Independence Hall in Philadelphia   The treaty of Paris